Page 25. Act 1. Scene 5. Identify two features of language, and explain how Shakespeare used these to convey his idea that Macbeth lacks the ambition to kill king Duncan. In the text, Macbeth has told his wife, lady Macbeth about how he has been prophesied to be king. Here is a quote about how […]

My hands are of your colour; but I shame To wear a heart so white. ”Unnatural deeds Do breed unnatural troubles: Infected minds to their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets.” “We have scotched the snake, not killed it: She’ll close and be herself; whilst our poor malice remains in danger of her former tooth.” […]

In the book “Paper Towns”, written by John Green, we learn about how actually doing what you want in life will lead to far more enjoyment overall. Also, don’t get too caught up in the little things, as that will only stop you from properly enjoying things. John shows this in the book by having […]

In the book, “Made You Up”, written by Francesca Zappia, we learn that reality is a difficult thing to understand, and that everything around you could literally just be your imagination. Francesca shows this in the story by having the main character(Alex) be schizophrenic. That means she can’t tell the difference between reality, and her delusions. […]

In the book “Ready Player 1”, written by Ernest Cline, we learn about a few things. Like, don’t judge a person based on their appearance, or, always try as hard as possible if you want to achieve your dreams. Ernest shows this message to the reader through the use of many different people. Each one […]

In the book “Lord of the flies”, written by William Golding, we learn about how the base of human nature is evil and destructive, and how a collective society is the only reason humans don’t destroy themselves and the world around them. William shows this message throughout the story by having this group of males […]

In the book “Looking For Alaska”, written by John Green, we learn about how death can come at any time, and that dealing with it is quite difficult. John shows this message throughout the story, as every character encounters a death at some point in their life, and we get to see the rather depressing […]