The following story might seem similar to my final piece, but that is only because I need to make sure I can write it. I will rewrite in the final assessment. Okay, anyway, here we go. The sun shines down on the metallic frames surrounding me. While walking on top of the large concrete slabs […]

There were 3 blue stick like objects on the table. The smell of said object was a sour, dusty, and dirty tang. It was imediatly obvious to be blue, with plenty of dirt around it, which probably was the reason for the smell. Taste wise, well, I’m not putting that thing in my mouth, so […]

That time I nearly drowned could work, but that doesn’t feel happy at all. No, actually, lets not have happiness. Happiness is overused too much in life, so I shall write something that isn’t happy. Also, there is the fact that I am happy nearly all the time so how could I use happiness with […]

Now that the citizens have ignored the warnings, the ecology of the planet will collapse. Before the planets ecology collapsed, all hope was not yet lost. If all hope is lost, the Thames will run dry. Since all hope was lost, the citizens began to ignore the warnings. The ecology of the planet had collapsed, […]

The man walking through the town looks lonely. There is rubbish everywhere on the street. The buildings stretch into the distance. The crate the man walks with is small. The man looks at the buildings in wonder. Relative clauses: Which, That, Who, and Whose. the man walked down the middle of the road. He was […]

John walked down the hallway, his hand holding top secret files hidden under his grey jacket, preparing for his speech to President Trump. He enters the oval office, the door swinging shut silently behind him, and the large muscled up body guards there checking he has no hidden weapons. Once this is done, he begins […]

Behind the large building in the distance is a dark, dark secret. After this secret was first discovered by the government, they realised they would have to hide it. Inside this secret was another, it was the end of the world. Before the government could discover this secret it was already too late. Inside the […]