Characters: Gentle woman, Doctor, Lady Macbeth. Time: After England being viewed. Location: Dunsaine. A room. Events: Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking and talking, and the things she says aren’t for other people to here. The gentlewoman talks of this to the doctor. Lady Macbeth then walks in holding a candle, and starts talking. What she says […]

Characters: Lady Macduff, Callum, Rosse, Messenger, 1st murderer, 2nd murderer. Time: After Macbeth’s viewing of the apparitions. Location: Macduff’s castle. A particular room. Events: Lady Macduff talks of how her husband has fed. Rosse looks out for him and defends him, but that is difficult without being treacherous to the king. Lady Macduff at this […]

Characters: Lenox, the lord. Time:later, King Macbeth has been king for a while. Location: Somewhere in Scotland. Events: Lenox talks of how Macduff has went to England, and that Fleance had feed and so was accused of killing Banquo, his father. After this, they begin talking of how a messenger has been sent, and that […]

Characters: 1,2,3 murderer. And Banquo. Also Fleance. Later we see Fleance, 1st Murderer, Macbeth, Banquo’s ghost, Lady Macbeth, Rosse, Lenox, Lords, attendants. Time: The day Banquo dies. That night. Location: Road to the palace. Banquet room in palace. Events: The Murderer’s talk to each other. They Kill Banquo, and Fleance escapes. After this, we see […]

Characters: Banquo, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Attendant, Lenox, Rosse. Location: A room in the palace. Time: Macbeth is now king Macbeth. Events: Banquo talks of how the witches were correct so far, and that they might be correct abut his own children, this also gets the audience to remember what the witches said would happen. Macbeth […]

Characters: Lady Macbeth and a gentle-women/ servant, Also Macbeth. Time: That day before he has Banquo killed. Location: The castle, but in a different room to last time. Events: Lady Macbeth talks to a servant to bring the king. Macbeth comes and says to Lady Macbeth that something will happen tonight, but it would be […]

Characters: Old man, rosse, Macduff. Time: After Duncan dies. Location: Outside the castle. Events: An old man talks about Unnatural phenomena happening. Rosse agrees. Macduff walks in and talks of how Macbeth will most likely be the next king. He also says the suspeicion for the murder of Duncan is on Malcolm’s head. Quote:”Gainst nature […]