Act 5 scene 1

Characters: Gentle woman, Doctor, Lady Macbeth.

Time: After England being viewed.

Location: Dunsaine. A room.

Events: Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking and talking, and the things she says aren’t for other people to here. The gentlewoman talks of this to the doctor. Lady Macbeth then walks in holding a candle, and starts talking. What she says is dangerous as it begins to reveal the truth of what really happened, and the doctor gets scared knowing that he may be killed for knowing this information. He also pretty much says that Lady Macbeth is going crazy and is beyond any person’s help, and that only God can help her now. She leaves, and the doctor says something that I shall explain soon, and then leaves with the gentlewomen.

quote:”Unnatural deeds Do breed unnatural troubles: Infected minds to their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets.” This is said by the doctor after Lady Macbeth has left . What he means by the first part is that if someone does something they know to be wrong, then more wrong and bad things will ¬†continue to happen. And the more wrong you do, the more the troubles that face you will appear. THe second part talks of how a messed up mind will not be able to get a good nights rest, and will not sleep rightly until their secrets leave them. And the doctor could be saying this as he already knows that lady Macbeth is not of sound mind, and has many secrets, some of which he just heard. So he know most likely believes that Lady Macbeth is not as honest as she first appeared, and that hteir is something going on that is unnatural.

Act 4 Scene 2

Characters: Lady Macduff, Callum, Rosse, Messenger, 1st murderer, 2nd murderer.

Time: After Macbeth’s viewing of the apparitions.

Location: Macduff’s castle. A particular room.

Events: Lady Macduff talks of how her husband has fed. Rosse looks out for him and defends him, but that is difficult without being treacherous to the king. Lady Macduff at this point ¬†gets into an argument with her children about what a traitor is, and Lady Macduff then speaks of how he is ‘dead’ and could buy 20 more at the shop. The son is not a fan of this. Rosse also left a while before, knowing trouble came this way. Instead, a messenger comes in and tells of how a threat comes, and then leaves for fear of his personal safety. A murderer comes in and kills callum, and lady Macduff runs.

Quote:”What is a traitor?” Said by Callum, and next; “Why, one that swears and lies.” Which is said by Lady Macduff. What is said by Callum can be taken to mean that he is curious as to what a traitor is, and he wonders why his father is being called that. What his Mum then says makes it seem that who lie and swear are traitors. After that the son says: “Then the liars and swearers are fools; for there are liars and swearers enow to beat the honest men, and hang them up.” What this means is that Callum is fully aware of the fact that most people are liars and swearers, and so what his Mum said can’t be true, because the majority can’t betray the minority. what he says could also be taken to mean that there are enough bad people in this world to work together and take over this world, and no one could stop them.

Act 3 Scene 6.

Characters: Lenox, the lord.

Time:later, King Macbeth has been king for a while.

Location: Somewhere in Scotland.

Events: Lenox talks of how Macduff has went to England, and that Fleance had feed and so was accused of killing Banquo, his father. After this, they begin talking of how a messenger has been sent, and that the country is unhappy under Macbeth’s rule. Also, war comes to Scotland.

Quote:”For’t would have angered any heart alive to hear the men deny’t.” This is said by Lenox. Remember the guards Macbeth framed and then killed in a ‘fit of rage’? Lenox brought them up again, and talked of how anyone would of been angered by what these 2 had done. But he also mentions the possibility that the 2 men would have denied what they had apparently done, which makes it seem as if Lenox has started to wonder if maybe it wasn’t the guards who did the job, but in fact someone else. Namely, the man who killed them. Indeed, Lenox is committing treason against king Macbeth, and doesn’t trust him, even possibly believing that Macbeth has been trying to cover up what he did.

Act 3 Scene 3 Scene 4.

Characters: 1,2,3 murderer. And Banquo. Also Fleance. Later we see Fleance, 1st Murderer, Macbeth, Banquo’s ghost, Lady Macbeth, Rosse, Lenox, Lords, attendants.

Time: The day Banquo dies. That night.

Location: Road to the palace. Banquet room in palace.

Events: The Murderer’s talk to each other. They Kill Banquo, and Fleance escapes. After this, we see everyone but Macduff at the banquet. The murderer walks in and Macbeth gets up to talk to him and discover what happened to Banquo and Fleance. He isn’t happy that Fleance escaped. After this, Macbeth goes to sit dowwn and see’s the ghost of Banquo. Macbeth begins speaking to the ghost, which Lady Macbeth explains as fits that he has been experiencing his whole life. He agrees. The ghost then comes back and he starts talking to Banquo again. After Banquo leaves again, Lady Macbeth decides everyone should go to sleep as she is scared Macbeth might start talking about what he did. Macbeth has decided to find the 3 witches again, and kill Macduff.

Quote:”You make me strange even to the disposition that I owe, When now I think you can behold such sights, and keep the natural ruby red of your cheeks, when mine is blanched in fear.” A quote said by Macbeth. This was said in a way that would allow anyone else listening to think that he was talking about his fits, while it also allows Macbeth to talk to himself and wondering how everyone else is not scared right now from seeing the literal ghost of Banquo.