Act 2 scene 1

Characters: Banquo and Fleance. Also Macbeth

Time: Night. Duncan shall die!

Location: A court within a castle.         

Events: Banquo is talking to his son called Fleance. Banquo talks about bad thoughts(maybe he was suffering from a nightmare.) Macbeth lies to Banquo multiple times about the witches.The king is asleep, and has given Lady Macbeth a large diamond to “shut her up.” Later, Macbeth finds himself striding towards Duncan’s bedroom. He begins talking to his knife, wondering and even slightly confused as to why he is holding it and yet can’t feel it(It is a hallucination). He shall now kill king Duncan! ( As everyone is asleep, and he has a knife from a guard presumably.)

Quote:”Hear it not, Duncan; for it is a knell That summons thee to heaven or to hell.” This was said by Macbeth as he was about to kill King Duncan. It meant that Macbeth did not know if Duncan would go to heaven or not, and that he was hoping for Duncan not to hear the bell sound, the bell of his death as Macbeth believes. It might just be the time the maids and servants go to sleep, or signified midnight. But I believe that that bell was the toll of death that rings when someone dies, like King Duncan in his last moments to come.                                                       

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