Act 5 Scene 8.

Characters: Macbeth, Macduff.

Time: War.

Location: Field in front of castle.

Events: Macbeth says he is alone, and that he wonders how he can die. Then Macduff tells him to turn around. Macduff  and Macbeth talk to each other, and fight. Then  Macbeth says he can’t be killed by anyone born from a women, which Macduff then says how he was ripped from his mother’s womb(a c-section). Macbeth says he won’t fight, which Macduff then says he must yield, which Macbeth also disagrees with, so they fight. And Macbeth is slain.

Quote: “I have no words; My voice is in my sword: thou bloodier villain than terms can give out!” THis is said by Macbeth as he is about to kill Macbeth. What he means by this is that he has nothing to say with his mouth, and shall instead convey what he wants to say by his sword. Then he calls Macbeth names.

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