Act 5 Scene 9.

Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward, Rosse, and soldiers. Also Macduff, and the head of Macbeth.

Time: After war.

Location: In the castle.

Events: Malcolm talks of how they have lost their friends, and Macduff is missing. Then they talk of how the old Siward’s son is dead, and the old Siward is happy to hear that he died as a man, facing off against his attacker. And then Macduff walks in holding Macbeth’s head. Then he says how Malcolm is now king! Malcolm says some things, including how Lady Macbeth most likely took her own life, and that all the thanes are now earls(An english title.).

Quote: “Some must go off; and yet, by these I see, so great a day as this is cheaply bought.” This is said by the old Siward. What he means is that some people have died, and must leave, and yet, this cost is little when compared to the great achievements they have made. Scotland has been saved from Macbeth, and all the death it took at achieve this was worth it. In fact, even if there was still more death than what they have heard about, it would still be worth it. Do be aware of the fact that he says this before he discovers his son is dead(Which he takes quite well).

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