“Anthem for Doomed Youth” by Owen Wilson.

From this poem we can figure out a bit more about the author himself. In the first paragraph, we can see that, they are in a battlefield; “Only the stuttering rifles”. He talks about the soldiers themselves as cattle”for these who die as cattle?”, doomed to die. He talks about the sounds and emotions the weapons being used; “Only the monstrous anger of the guns”, and then goes onto say how the soldiers won’t be able to hear any other sounds from outside the battlefield; “No prayers nor bells;”. We can take this to mean that he most likely saw some young people die in the war. And then realizing that these young people will never get to hear the sounds of normal life again. And so he would of wanted to try and get this out of his system, this idea that all these young people are dying, and how regrettable it all is.
The next paragraph describes the aftereffects of their deaths. That being the funerals, and the sadness everyone feels; “The pallor of girls’ brows”. Everyday being one where a funeral is held; “And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds”, and so everyday people just get sadder and sadder. This also tells everyone that too many people have died; wondering how you are supposed to mourn for them all; “What candles may be held to speed them all?”.
What we can take from all this is he has suffered through a war where everyone is dying, and their deaths mean nothing. Many emotions being in the battlefield, while only sadness is left in their own communities. So basically just a not-good experience, that he wants to point out to everyone, and just make sure everyone understands just how terrible that war is. 

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