Book report 5: One Punch Man

“One Punch Man”, by ‘ONE’, is an anime about a depressed superhero who can’t enjoy the only thing he enjoys doing, which is fighting. He lives in a world where monsters are everywhere, and these monsters are constantly increasing, with more and more tough fights appearing for everyone. So why would Saitama(The main character) end up not enjoying all these fights? Read on to discover more about how becoming the best at what you at the thing you enjoy, can actually remove all of the thrill that you can get from it.

The point I am trying to say is that if you’re the best at something, then you might not enjoy it anymore. It depends on what you enjoy about what your doing though. For instance, say you enjoy skydiving, and it’s a thing you can easily do in any airspace. At first, this would be amazing. You would find it so much fun! But then comes the problem, is it fun to skydive when it is easy? Where’s the adrenaline rush from falling out of a plane, and rushing to the ground? Where’s all of the awesome scenery, others will never see? Where are all of the people who are impressed by your career? It’s all gone, or at least, you don’t notice it anymore, ever since you got used to it all. This is the same feeling Saitama has towards fighting monsters. He enjoyed it at first, to the point where he decided he must train to a very large degree so as to enjoy it even more. But then, he encounters a problem. He ends up being ‘perfect’ at defeating his opponent. No one can even give him a fight, so, just like the skydiver, he doesn’t enjoy what he does anymore. And as he doesn’t enjoy the only thing he does in his life, he ended up depressed because he can’t see a reason in what he does. Simply put, being great at something doesn’t mean a sound mind, but someone who is going to miss becoming the best and regret being the best.

During the episode, many things happen, for instance, he goes to the shop. He buys food. The shop is crushed, while he counts out some money. He kills a giant in one punch, after of course having a discussion with him about how much it sucks to be the strongest in the world. Then he goes back home and relaxes. Watches the news. Falls asleep. Basically, his life sucks. Sure, being as strong as he is would be great, but then again, that’s from an observers point of view. As far as he is concerned, life sucks. There is nothing to do, and it seems like there is no exciting future in store for him. All this proves the point, that being the best at something, doesn’t mean being the happiest. Your still just another person, that lives just another life. Saitama being Saitama however, can still be happy and feel all those other emotions, but, well, that doesn’t mean he enjoys life all that much. He just lives it. 

At the end of the episode, Saitama has a slightly prophetic dream. He dreams of a group of monsters, entering the world who plan to kill all of humanity and take over the world. And so through this dream we learn the inner feelings of Saitama. Not that he wants to end the world or anything like that. No, instead it is more like he believes the enemy at least needs to be on the level where humanity is doomed to actually be a threat to him. We also learn that as much as he is a hero, he doesn’t really care if everyone dies. And add the fact that he always says that he is a just being a hero for the fun of it, and you will realize one important fact. Saitama, a being with the body of a God, doesn’t really care about much at all. As far as he is concerned, a good fight, even if the world is doomed, is worth it. Oh, and when he woke up, and saw the fact that his dream was coming true, he was excited for the potential fight. Too ‘bad’ that his brain completely over exaggerated their power. He ended up experiencing a great sadness and annoyance when his opponents weren’t in fact extremely dangerous, but really just weaklings who couldn’t excited him at all.

“One Punch Man” by One, is a anime about a depressed, but stupidly powerful hero. Saitama lives a life he views as boring, and the best thing to happen was that one time he got to talk to someone about how boring being the strongest is. Then he experiences a dream, where he finally realises what is missing in his life, which is the adrenaline rush he gets from fighting, and pushing his body to the limits. All this teaches us the point, that being the greatest, can honestly suck. And finally, I would recommend this anime as a starter to 


  1. A good response overall, Logan. However, do you have specific evidence from the text to support your ideas? Quotations or some specific references are needed to validate some of these points. Please speak with me if you have any questions.


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