Book report 6: “Paper Towns”

In the book “Paper Towns”, written by John Green, we learn about how actually doing what you want in life will lead to far more enjoyment overall. Also, don’t get too caught up in the little things, as that will only stop you from properly enjoying things. John shows this in the book by having a girl come and take the main character(Quentin) out on a fun little adventure one night, and through out it, she explains her way of life, and how she thinks. But that is only the beginning. After that, she suddenly leaves home without telling anyone. She left a series of clues that can be followed by someone who truly cares. And so Quentin, who just so happens to have fallen in love with this girl, decides to track her down. To do this, he has to change the very way in which he lives his life, and how he treats different aspects of it. He actually gets out there and has a fun time. Then he finally tracks her down, only to discover that she isn’t planning on coming back. And yet he makes the best out of an unfortunate situation, with a new mindset on life.

The reader understands this message as John makes certain to include multiple with interesting lives, while the Quentin has just one thing. Because of this, at no point do we see his friends not have an interesting, and fun-filled life. They each have nicknames, and things they are known for. But Quentin has nothing but an ‘ordinary’ life. Until the events of the story unfold. It changes everything for him, and shows him how you can have a fun time, and experience great things, no matter who you are, or what you did before. He goes on an adventure to hunt down the person he loves, and at the end learns that the end goal is great and all, but he should really enjoy the journey too. It’s all quite fun if you learn to look at it right.


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