Book report 3: “Lord of the flies”

In the book “Lord of the flies”, written by William Golding, we learn about how the base of human nature is evil and destructive, and how a collective society is the only reason humans don’t destroy themselves and the world around them. William shows this message throughout the story by having this group of males kids, all younger than 12, try to survive together on this lost island. It doesn’t go well. The kids very quickly begin working together, and making fire. This results in at least one death. Then the reader gets to watch as every single one of the kids begins to go crazy and give in to their animal desires. Only 1 kid(Piggy) on the entire island is apart from this, and that is only because he looks so different, and is the only smart one there. Just to push in the cruel desires of mankind, William has Piggy killed off, by a large boulder being pushed off a cliff onto his head. By the end of the book, the island is burning down, and their original leader is being hunted. Obviously humanity did not do a good job in Williams eyes.

The reader picks up on this message by the fact that all the symbols in the book relate to the idea of humanity being evil and destructive. For instance, the scar(A large area of land destroyed by the plane humans piloted), the conch(A shell that symbolized society, that was later destroyed, and many more). As the reader finishes the book, they are fully aware of the point of view that humanity is destructive and evil, and that society is the only thing that stops us from destroying everything.

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