Book report number 5: plan

For the 5th book report that will be a movie, we can go with one of these movies:

gay computer guy who won world war 2(Dude won world war 2[pretty much anyway], but was drugged until he commited suicide. They only said sorry a few years ago); one where someone nearly died while climbing on a mountain, touching the void?; the genre of eastern novels I currently am reading(I’m sure I can find something, I mean I have read at least a hundred of them now); futurama(Literally watched it all, and it has a lot of interesting ideas within it, like how morals are forever changing between different groups and different times).

So, what will we do? we have 2 reports left to do. One needs to be in tomorrow, the other about 3 weeks later. So we need something to be done by tonight.

Eastern novels then? which ones? perhaps a mix, where I name different ones and use them as an example for some point of view. O perhaps I present it as an opportunity for a whole new selection of books for people to read that you can’t find in a library in this part of the world. Or I name different books and use the ‘meaning’ behind those books to prove the point:(If a person has absolute power, then only problems can happen. Which is why it isn’t possible, or at least shouldn’t be allowed). How? Basically every single one of those books has an overpowered main character, who ends up facing the moral dilemma of “I can do anything, but should I?” where the majority of people end up going: “Who cares, lets just ignore everything else and enjoy myself”, and a few, better people, who go: “I will protect the people I care about, and ignore everyone else.” There’s been like, 2 people out of hundreds who decided to dedicate there power to protecting others and not being psychopathic or sociopathic. Oh, and another thing to talk about with these novels is murder. The amount of killing sprees some of these people get into is just amazing. Seriously, some novels have to increase the amount of people just so they can sustain it. So what do these people think about death? Well, generally, if it is someone they care about, then they will do anything for them, but for everyone else, they will kill them just for a little more power, or it might even end up being because they are bored.
Basically, these novels could be used to try and convince the readers to think about death and how your morals work in a new light. And it will be effective because they destroyed mine. I went from hurting no one and caring about everyone, to only caring about those close to me, and ignoring everyone else.

So it appears I want to do that one huh. What novels then? Oh, and it has to be one with at least 70 chapters, as every chapter is 2 to 3 pages long. How about this one: “Dark net”. Which is about something really stupid sounding now that I think of it; a kid with no power gets lucky and gets the ability to neutralize all powers , then trains a lot, gets really powerful, all in a attempt to kill off the universe sized insect eating everything. His helpers is an army of robots that are literally uncountable by the end of the story, and some plants, a few other humans with cool powers, and dragons. The reason this is a good choice is that it is one of two books where the main character decided to put everything into helping others, I mean he kills his enemies, but those guys where literally trying to wipe out the human race, so, you know, that’s fair. But anyway, he decided to dedicate his life towards making sure some part of the universe survives.

Or how about “Library of heaven’s path”, which is about a extremely arrogant, oddly powerful, rather good acting, teacher. I have read so far 700 chapters worth of a guy being picked, getting powerful, proving the guys who picked on him wrong, and then moving onto the next group of people who pick on him. There are now 900 chapters worth of this, and there will be more. Anyway, the reason this is any good is because it is funny for people who like this kind of thing. This book will allow me to prove two things to other people, to not be arrogant, and that often there can be way too much humor in a book compared to the amount of seriousness that is in it. Like, I like a bit of humour, but some books just get stupid when the plot is humour, and the subplot is a little story line for why the main character does anything.

Then there is the next book, “rattlings” or something. About a guy who enjoys annoying others being killed by some deity, then as a sorry(And so said deity doesn’t get into trouble for killing another deities person) she reincarnated him with a power that allows him to gain more power the more he kills(To put it simply, actually he can level up like a game character). This leads to said deity bringing him into a new world as a rat. So begins the absolute massacre of species and gods as he starts trying to gain as much power as possible, for the fun of it. A good book for it teaches us how having morals can be really useful, because otherwise EVERYTHING DIES. Seriously, he said that, he intends to kill everything on the world he ended up on. So another deity who he was working with actually got scared, and keep in mind that this deity was a god of demons or something. Anyway, learn what it means to slaughter and not feel anything.

Other books, how about “The universe system”, one of the few novels out there where the main character is sane. She (Yes, it is also about a girl, another rare thing), is a universe builder. Or at least that is her new job, as far as I can tell. It can teach us about…

honestly, I have no idea what to do, so I wanted to use the books I am constantly reading, but…they are fun reads, that is all. They don’t have a hidden meaning, they don’t teach you much beyond what it would be like to have a massive amount of power, and the feeling of corruption that you get. So, I need to find something else. It should be a movie, and it should be a good one.  I have to watch the movie, and analyze different parts of it. or perhaps I can do something else, I don’t really know.

Old books and movies I could use:

Can’t think of any. They were all watched or read for the pure fun of it.

So we shall go with the gay computer guy then?  What would be the point behind it? Not that even gay people can save the world, people aren’t that simple minded in NZ. So, what else? That we really should congratulate people who deserve it while they are alive?

So, I don’t know. I can’t think of anything. For all of the books I have read, I can’t think of a meaning. And the few I can think of, I can’t remember the name of the book or movie. So, what am I supposed to do?

IDEA!!!!! One punch man first episode, that is the most meaningful episode. It introduces the man who can beat anyone in one punch. Not a strong punch, just a weak one as far as he is concerned. So, he ends up depressed. He can’t do what he enjoys anymore, which is fighting, so he becomes depressed. You know, the one thing he enjoyed in his life, he can’t enjoy anymore. So let’s use that episode to talk about the point: Find multiple ways to enjoy yourself, don’t just leave it to only one thing. Otherwise you won’t enjoy life anymore, and no one wants that.

Okay, there is no problem with this. The episode is alright, and has no actual issues like the other ones until later episodes. And it includes quite a bit of all of the points I said before.

Oh, and it is very different to all of the other ones so far done. This will be fun just for that one reason.

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