Can emotions be conveyed by how you talk?

My hypothesis is about how people can use the tone of their voice, and the way their body moves to get somebody else thinking that the person who is talking is feeling a certain emotion. I believe this to be true as I use this type of speech everyday, and have discovered that people will be more likely to listen to what you say if you are speaking with emotion. My proof: Everyone listens to me.

Now some people probably disagree with this proof as it is slightly biased. So I shall now begin an argument to prove myself correct. Now the first argument is that someone cant talk with emotion. I beg to disagree. Just make someone else laugh, then get them to speak. They should notice that they speak differently than normal. This is because they are happy, and are subconsciously changing the tone of their voice. As more proof, you should notice that if they get them selves to to feel a different emotion they will sound different.

“Alright then, but that doesn’t mean you can get people to believe you are feeling something different simply by the way you sound, and anyway we can tell the different between faked voices, and real voices,” Is what someone may be saying right now. Now that simply isn’t true. Sure, a lot of the time it is possible to tell the difference between faked emotional voices and real emotional voices, but that is because they don’t practice. See here, we SUBCONSCIOUSLY change our voices. So that is why it is difficult to fake it, mainly because we don’t know what we normally sound like when we are feeling a particular emotion. So all that is required is practice to convince someone of a faked voice.

“But what about the whole idea of feeling emotion? Wouldn’t being able to fake emotions be quite a big problem?” Well this depends on the fact that pretending to feel emotion and tricking other people can be both useful or bad. As with most other things, an object or idea can be taken to be  a very bad thing, or it could be quite good. Like with banana’s and how they are healthy for you but their skin can trip someone up. Also like nuclear power, and how nuclear power can be used to create nuclear bombs, but also give a huge amount of energy(which is how a nuclear bomb works). Being able to decide what emotion everyone else believes you are feeling is the same. It can keep people from worrying about someone if they pretend to feel ‘normal emotional amount’s which is bad because if they have to do that, then there is something wrong with them, but it can also allow somebody to help another person because emotional support can be quite useful for another person.

This argument with an imaginary person has actually allowed more proof in to my argument. Every time an argument against my hypothesis was made I found a way to beat back this argument, then I found some evidence so that they couldn’t argue back in that direction again. By now, most people will agree with me that emotions can be conveyed in a persons voice, and that those emotions can be used however they like. But that it will also take practice, anywhere from 2-10 years of life to learn how to properly control someones emotional tone of voice. Which is all going towards why people really can effect the idea of emotions in their voice.


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