Death from the book thief.

Markus Zusak had Death as the narrator of “The Book Thief”. This character is quite different to what Death is normally perceived as. Here is a quote that shows this: “Where was Rudy’s comfort? Where was someone to alleviate this robbery of his life? Who was there to soothe him as life’s rug was snatched from under his sleeping feet? No one. There was only me. And I’m not too great at that sort of comforting thing, especially when my hands are cold and the bed is warm. I carried him softly through the broken street, with one salty eye and a heavy, deathly heart. With him, I tried a little harder.” This tells us that Death cares, at least a little. He was saddened by the idea of Rudy dieing, and wanted Rudy to be comforted like Rudy comforted the dying soldier. This is different to any idea we might have of death. If at any point people managed to begin liking Death, the ending will destroy that as he tells them all about how everyone dies, and Lieselś reaction to this, causing people to associate everyones death with Death. However, I disagree, this quote quite clearly explains how Death cares, and how he is saddened; “One salty eye”; by Rudy’s death. Death was just doing his job, saying “It helps me cope, considering the length of time I’ve been performing this job. The trouble is, who could ever replace me?” Which pretty much means that he can’t leave his job, and no one can take it over. He must pick up the souls of the dead, which includes Rudy, and the rest of Liesel’s loved ones. As this is his job, we can’t judge him for it. Death can feel, and he can care about others, yet his job is to pick up their souls. No other idea of Death would feel saddened by this, but this one. And so, because of this difference, it can be possible to care about this Death. Even if he is death, symbolizing the end of our existence, I can definitely care about Death, if he cares about the people he is working with.

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