“Dulce et decorum est” by Wilfred Owen

Who was Wilfred Owen? 
Wilfred Edward Salter Owen, was an English poet and soldier in world war one. He fought as as English soldier. On 4 June 1916, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant (on probation) in the Manchester Regiment.
He then went through a few traumatic experiences, which where basically him falling into a shell hole, getting blown up by a trench mortar, then laying nice to the blown up bodies of his fellow officers. After this, he is diagnosed as having neurasthenia or shell shock. A good part of all this is that he met another poet, who goes by the name Siegfried Sassoon. Basically, this guy was a good friend to him.
In the end, he died one week before the armistice. His mother learnt of his death on armistice day. So, not particularly lucky in this case.

Why he wrote the poem?
It seems he wrote the poems so as to talk about the war, and what it was like. His friend Siegfried Sassoon, had a great effect on his poetry, as he showed him what it could be like. He took the realism of Siegfried Sassoon, and his own romantic inclinations into his poems, creating some new kinds of poems. The reason the poem was written in the first place was to show how war isn’t glorious, or good, and in actual fact that no one will want to stay for long.
Oh, and as a form of catharsis, which is to get out emotions over the words you said. He was suffering from mental problems, and so by writing these poems he can release poems.
That and he saw this happen just the day before. So he might have wanted to let out his feelings of that day. Interestingly enough, this poem was for his mum, so it could have also been demanding that you shouldn’t of told anyone that war is a good thing. Which also could mean his mum told him that war is good. That and maybe he wanted to try and get a message out there to go against all the propaganda.

Where and when was it written?
The poem was written 

What does this poem mean to the readers?
It tells the reader

How is the poem interpreted?
We think of it like


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