Dystopia description using the first part of a sentence as a location setter.

Behind the large building in the distance is a dark, dark secret. After this secret was first discovered by the government, they realised they would have to hide it. Inside this secret was another, it was the end of the world. Before the government could discover this secret it was already too late. Inside the building, people did come, and there they hid to stay safe from what the government thought was a simple secret. In the end, the true secret turned out to be a dangerous weapon being used by a mad man, intent on taking over the world. Inside the government, the secret they thought they knew was that there was a dangerous mad person.
Above the world sat the mad man, preparing his world destroying weapon. Below him the weapon, a massive piece of a neutron star being slowly poured onto the world. On the surface of the world everything appeared to be fine, but in fact the very world itself was being slowly destroyed by the massive gravitational influence from the neutron star.
Around the world, everyone watched on their T.Vs as the world was burned away, and huge earthquakes shook the world. In the military bases, army’s prepared for one final attack, only to be crushed by a piece of the neutron star. Above this dying world the mad man laughed, as the world that raised this secret of a person was destroyed by it. In the end, the only thing left was a man laughing, and then even that was gone.


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