English practise exam plan.

  1. Describe at least one important place in the written text.
    Explain how that place helped you to understand an important message in the text.
    This is my question. Here and now, I will begin to plan my answer.

The place shall be the scar. The scar is the piece of land that was destroyed by the crashing plane. When this happened, a large amount of land was cleared.
The general view of this is that this destruction shows how humanity is evil and will destroy whatever it encounters. It also gives a view of how, even by entering what can be viewed as paradise, man will of already begun the destruction process. It shows how man is evil in nature, and we can’t be trusted to do anything right.
I disagree with this view. My idea is that I will discuss this point, using the scar as a tool to do so. But then, against everyone else, I will turn the idea on its side and make it a good one, one that describes how humanity is good in nature. And while doing this, I will use the scar to prove my points about how humanity is really, quite good in nature. I will need evidence to prove my points in what the scar is.
Oh, when wording how humanity is evil and nature, and saying how the scar proves this, make sure that you make it seem like it is only an opinion, while humanity being good is 100% fact.
I might have a problem doing this, seeing as how everyone views the scar as a symbol of how humanity is evil and destructive, which I imagine that was the authors aim as well. But as everyone knows, the reader of the book decides the meaning for themselves, not the author. People may disagree, but with enough evidence, it should be possible. Oh, that means I can never say “William Golding wanted the scar to symbolise how humanity will made even the most dangerous of places safe” as that isn’t what he meant to be said.



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