Evidence for hypothesis:

My hypothesis basically explains how people can change the way they speak simply by changing the tone of our voice, and the way our body moves. Today I will show you the proof for this, and later I will explain what all this together means.


A large portion of evidence is in a normal spoken-out-loud conversation between Luella and I. If you watch it, you will notice that I(Logan Lambert(The blond kid)) speak with a certain tone in my voice. You will then notice that Luella talks to me about my happiness. I mean, it wasn’t exactly nice what she said, but she did talk about my voice and how happy I was sounding.

Another portion of evidence can be found within the on line conversation between us.

“LH ooh. Ur first insult. Im so proud of u.(clapping hands)

LL ur proud of an insult? Wat is wrong with u?!

LH (smiling face) yup”

This slice of our conversation shows how the use of emoji’s can convey many different emotions at once, like here with the clapping hands that could show either sarcasm or actual pride. And that smiling face emoji shows us that happiness is what they are feeling. Of course, all this also shows us another thing. That we can trick people with how we sound. What I mean is that someone could easily lie with what they are feeling over a text based conversation. like they could just talk like normal on a text book conversation, when they are really feeling quite sad, or angry, or maybe even happiness.

Do remember that all this is just evidence for some thing I shall soon write.












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