I need a book.

For class I need a book. I’m planning on reading a Skulduggery pleasant book, but I would prefer not to as I have read the series 2 times now and need to move on. So if you have a good idea, just comment them below. I also need that book by Friday.

I look forward to see what you say.

Logan Lambert.


Edit: I have decided to read “Mortal Fire” by Elizabeth Knox. Thank you for all your suggestions!


  1. Hi Logan,

    Thanks for mentioning your interest in finding a new book. I think that a very good possibility for you is the quite unique “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams – I’m pretty sure both the school library and the town library will hold it in stock – or you could get it online both in physical and e-book form.

    Let me know if you feel this suggestion might not suit you and we can look more widely afield.



    1. Yes, the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy is a fantastic book, on which I have read many times. I have also read all the other books by Douglas Adams. So maybe it could be possible to have another book? Also, another person was planning on reading this book, and I would like to read a different book to everyone else if possible.


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