Ideas for what I could write for my piece.

That time I nearly drowned could work, but that doesn’t feel happy at all. No, actually, lets not have happiness. Happiness is overused too much in life, so I shall write something that isn’t happy. Also, there is the fact that I am happy nearly all the time so how could I use happiness with out writing about most of my life? Anger wont work since that is completely random. This leaves sadness as the only remaining emotion. And where have I been sad, like, location wise? Well, besides at my home when going over sad stories I am reading, the only other time I have been sad is…I can’t appear to remember. I could instead write about a metaphysical location. Like the location of my mind, and how it looked in the past, and in the now. Except I’m not allowed to do that, which could be a good thing.
The reason I don’t talk about my home is because I move home like, every other year. So that won’t work. On that point, I could talk about my future house, as my parents are building it at this very moment, and it does happen to be right in front of my current house. I could talk about how it was in the past, and then talk about it in the future. I could even attempt to add some emotions in.
The first few paragraphs could be in 1st person from the perspective of someone watching something come into creation, but having to work hard to achieve it. Then after that little piece, I can set a view on the future of what is yet to happen, but what I’m hoping will happen, and have it so that it is a more happy setting, with a sense of relief being there, relief that all the hard work is over.
Of course, I will need to learn how to write feelings into a  story, which shouldn’t take too long. Feelings wise, there will be: happiness, relief, worry, and hope. So basically the emotions that look towards optimism first. Why? Because that is me, in fullness. Or, well, the happiness part is. The rest is just what my family was feeling at the time. Then again, lets not tell the markers, please readers?

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