Imagery for an object.

There were 3 blue stick like objects on the table. The smell of said object was a sour, dusty, and dirty tang. It was imediatly obvious to be blue, with plenty of dirt around it, which probably was the reason for the smell. Taste wise, well, I’m not putting that thing in my mouth, so someone could say it doesn’t look inviting, or tasty.  No sound was produced by the stick like objects, unless you started hitting them against an object. And then there was a lumps dotted around it.


The 3 blue stick like objects just sat there in the table. At a glance, they seemed harmless. But when you really look, you can begin to notice how the dirt covering them could infect someone with a fatal disease. Or perhaps the hard lumps on the edge of the sticks could be used to bash open someones head. Then there is the stench of the items, which is quite noticeable, has a sour, dusty stench. And while this happens, the sticks could be stuffed up a persons nose, and while they focus on that, their heads are slowly opened.
Or perhaps someone could stuff them down a persons throat, causing them to vomit, which will lead to malnutrition and eventual death(as long as this happens over and over again. Basically, these 3 little sticks are really dangerous, and should stay away from everyones dangerous hands.

(Just saying I had to edit this while speaking to the class, which may also have caused me to sound nervous.)

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