Macbeth scene 1 act 2.

characters: king Duncan Malcolm Donalbain, Lenox, with attendants, the captain. Also Rosse and Angus.

Location: A camp near a forest. You can’t see the battle.

Time: The end of the battle, or near the end of the first battle.

Events: A soldier came back and told King Duncan about how the battle was won, Macdonwald was cut in half and had his head put on the battlements by Macbeth. Then the Norwegians came and outnumbered the Scots. The soldier leaves. Then a The thane of Rosse came and told of how the battle was won. Also how a traitor to the Scots was discovered.

Quote: “What he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won.” said by King Duncan, which describes how Macbeth works, and the achievements he has so far gained.



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