Plot of the lord of the flies.

The plot of the story basically is how will a group of kids, aged 7 to 12 years old, act on an island with only themselves. It starts off with them deciding to call themselves together. When they do this, they also decide to elect a leader. During this democratic vote, they elect Ralph to be their leader, which Jack disagrees with. Of course, at this point of the story, most of them can still see reason, so Jack does calm down. This chapter also shows how the boys are still at least slightly holding to social conventions of the place they come from.
The next point in their journey is the fire. This was seriously mishandled. Ralph decided they would light a fire on the hill, and take wood from a huge dead forest in a cape just below it. It was perfect. With that forest, they could light many fires and keep them going for ages without running out of energy from getting wood. Desperate to have fire, they start dragging huge pieces of wood up a path to make a really large fire. This ends up setting their store of wood alight which means now they have to go to the forest to find their wood stocks.This fire kills off at least one of the little kids. “That little ‘un,” gasped piggy, “him with the mark on his face, I don’t see him. Where is he now?”
After that fiasco, the story continues with Jack hunting pigs down with his hunting party. They are also supposed to be keeping the fire they now have going lit, which will hopefully allow a ship to notice them and come save them. While they do this, Ralph continues speaking with Piggy and some others on the idea of building some shelters to protect them from the rain. This doesn’t go well as everyone gets bored quite quickly.
We see here the sight of Jack convincing everyone to join him as he leads a pretend hunting play with everyone, with Robert being the pig. The way they act is like how they probably view ‘Savages’ to act. They might have been trying to copy them, which would mean it was at this point in the story we really begin to see how they are slowly dissolving the idea of their original society in their minds.
Soon after all that, Jack realises that the pigs are somewhere else on the island, so he call together his hunting party to go hunt them.
This leads to the fire going out, and Ralph getting extremely mad as he had just seen a ship sail past, which could have lead to them being potentially saved. They do end up eating pig meat, but that doesn’t change just how mad he is.
After this the story basically goes around how the hunting continues, why the fire should be run, who is the leader, who owns the conch and piggy’s glasses. The most important thing to happen would be how Jack split off from the group and dragged off a large group of people with him. This left Ralph, Piggy, and the twins alone. There were also some little’uns left, but they were never counted.
Piggy decides after a short while that he has had enough. Turns out, he doesn’t like being blind, so he decides to go ask for his glasses back. When he does this, it doesn’t go as planned, and we end up with a dead piggy being washed away to sea. After this, Ralph is chased away. And now we know for sure, these kids really dont care a proper civilisation. It is quite simple really. Whoever has the power to survive the best will rule over those who don’t. And Jack in this case has more power than Piggy. And so they don’t agree to Piggy’s demands.
Ralph comes back at night, and discovers the twins have decided to help the other side. They do give Ralph some meat, and also describe how they will be hunting him the next day. Ralph gives them were he will be hiding in hopes that the twins will stop anyone from going there. It doesn’t work. The next day, Ralph hides away, and gets to hear the twins leading Roger to his position. As Ralph hid in a way that it makes it dangerous to go after him, they start launching boulders off the side of the cliff in the hopes that he will be scared out, or crushed to death.
He runs. And he realises that he can’t run forever. He will be caught and killed. Hiding in a tree would leave him a sitting duck. Smashing through the line is too risky. And they lit the forest on fire. He will die. So Ralph runs to the beach, in the hope that he won’t burn to death. And he finds an adult. The kids come after him, and they all see the adult. This causes all of them to break down in tears, each of them barely able to understand why they did what they did.

That is the basic plot of what occurred in “The Lord Of The Flies.”

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