Practise assessment for creative writing.

The following story might seem similar to my final piece, but that is only because I need to make sure I can write it. I will rewrite in the final assessment. Okay, anyway, here we go.

The sun shines down on the metallic frames surrounding me. While walking on top of the large concrete slabs layered onto the compressed earth below, I can smell that smell you get from freshly sawed wood-dust, even getting hints of a metallic odour that surrounds everything. Then there is that feeling of climbing underneath some frames, like climbing into and out of the skeleton of a person’s body. It is quite fun to do so, but when ever you touch anything, you have to make sure it isn’t sharp and could damage your skin. But this doesn’t bother me since I know how to not grab a sharp object and cut. And yes, there is of course some sounds being created, like the roar of the engines that sit in the cars on the street quite close to me. To me, it all seems quite amazing, that 1 person, with a couple of helpers could build all set up all this, and somehow put up huge, rather heavy frames(I helped move them around, so I should know) into place to create something that resembles a building.
The LED lights shine down on the walls that surround me. The carpet on the floor that I walk over is quite comfortable, which is obvious since I helped in the choosing of it. But it is still a nice feeling to finally be able to it down and relax, after having to lift so many different things into my new house. Ah, and that smell of dinner being cooked in the oven. A meaty, kind of sweet smell, that I already know will belong to something delicious, seeing as how my parents are cooking it. I then walk to my new bedroom, and climb into my old bed  and look forward to the fact that for this move we don’t need to pack everything into boxes and drive in a truck for ages. Oh? Hear that? No? Well of course not, that is the sound of me of not hearing everything in the house from my room. Instead, I can feel the vibrations of my sisters and brother playing around upstairs in the new living room. So, yeah, still annoying, but also quite useful. It can help give someone a sense of security when you can hear every large sound in the house. But still, it is nice to have finally been able to move into this house that we have been building for such a long time.

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