16th June 2017

Simple sentences.

The man walking through the town looks lonely. There is rubbish everywhere on the street. The buildings stretch into the distance. The crate the man walks with is small. The man looks at the buildings in wonder.

Relative clauses: Which, That, Who, and Whose.

the man walked down the middle of the road. He was humming to himself. The man who was humming to himself, while walking down the middle of the road. The man who was humming to himself, while he looked at the surrounding buildings in wonder.


The bed, which was inside the bedroom, was simply sitting there. There was never any people who would stay inside that bedroom for a long time, as there was nothing to do in there. If anyone did dare to go in this room whose bed just continued to sit there, they would be bored out of their mind. This person, who clearly isn’t right in the head, would sit there on his bed all day. The bed just continued to sit there, while the person, whose mind was up in another universe since this universe was boring from his point of view, just continued to sit on the bed. This person is obviously rather boring, that even his own bed was about to fail and fall over, because of this really boring and quiet person. Of course, anyone who could think that was not in that room, was probably confused why the person would continue to sit on his bed in his really boring room without going completely insane.

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