Book report 4: “Ready Player 1”

In the book “Ready Player 1”, written by Ernest Cline, we learn about a few things. Like, don’t judge a person based on their appearance, or, always try as hard as possible if you want to achieve your dreams. Ernest shows this message to the reader through the use of many different people. Each one of them is different, but they all created a false avatar of them selves on the OASIS, a virtual reality game that is basically like another universe. Besides it being a way to escape their dystopian reality, when they enter the game they can create a new life image for themselves. This is really well shown when we see one of the main characters friends for the first time outside of the game. They are a white, straight, male inside the game. But outside it, they are a black, gay, female. This is an example of how different each person is, and that judging them in real life based on how they look would be incorrect. The other moral is shown due to the fact that for the last 5 years in this world, people have been hunting down the ultimate Easter egg, 200 billion dollars, and the ownership of the OASIS. The first to find it wins that. It is the main characters dream to win it, but is unlucky with how poor he is. Yet he continues to work hard to achieve his  dream of finally winning it, and proving himself to the world.

Ernest Cline keeps the story real, yet uses enough of the OASIS to keep people interested. He does this by having moments of reality, showing how bad the world has become, and how difficult it is to survive it. Then there is the fact that it also shows how greedy and overpowering other people can be, and how much of a challenge it is to go against these people. In the end, these people are defeated, with help from a large group of people, each one quite useful in their own way, proving that looks don’t mean anything. It also proves that the determination to continue with your dream, no matter how hard it gets, will allow you to succeed and defeat whatever is in your way.

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